What Digital Dignity means to Digital Wilderness

Digital Dignity means that people who create content will be given royalties for that content. This might even subsidize our pensions in the near future. But what about the people who can't create content? That is what Digital Wilderness is tackling.

A Unique Fight for Democracy

'Digital' is a defining element to our human culture experience today. Yet, for each of us to experience it each of us has to pay to play.

Before we go there, it is important to take a dive into the intrinsic aspects of what resource we as human beings have only just began to exploit — information.

Yes, I imagine information has always been valuable. Today's day-to-day scenario is much different to Cesar's though, for we have got the Internet. Indeed, it is that important. Much of our information is mined and sold to to psycho-advertising agencies to understand each of us better, so that their paying customers can pinch us against their products and ourselves. Then, after all of this, the royalties for the sale go to the tech company who mined your raw taps and swipes as information against you. This seemingly harmless game of stalker is the reason why the technology industry is a trillion dollar industry. When will there be a day when those royalties go back to the content creator and not the tech companies?

There is no need to politicize such a topic. It is exactly like making sure citizens and their families can eat every day rather than starve. Right now, in the current state of affairs, what tech companies and psycho-advertising agencies are doing to the citizens that fuels their fires is almost exactly like what feudal lords did with their subjects — demanded tributes for even existing on their land, despite the reality that this concept of land ownership was relatively new to them, just as digital "land" is new to us now.

As unbelievable as it may sound, information might be as intrinsic to the universe as time, space and matter. This means that we as humans are made of data that somehow will always belong to each of us and our makers. In terms of digital dignity, each click you make or each time you log on is data, precious data. This data is intrinsic to the universe, despite its seeming irrelevance. Thus, by selling access to this data, a business partakes in activities I am prepared to label as data laundering. An example is when data is collected by an app development firm often for "optimization". The data is used for optimization but then is pushed forward down the chain and reused by psycho-marketing firms. Luckily this catastrophe is being slowed due to new data privacy laws passed by European and American governments.

Digital Wilderness is dedicated to bringing local communities up to speed about what digital dignity means for them and bringing them closer to developing a way to be a part of this new era of wealth creation and distribution. Right now, just sharing this with you is a great start to a long and good fight.

To learn more about digital dignity I would suggest watching these videos from The New York Times — Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet.